Monday, June 27, 2011


May stones on a  beach break forth into flight
And cast themselves into space,
Then twirling and mixing, and settling down,
Like so many notes on a  page,
A robin flies forth, holding her wings
High to conduct this concert,
(Balancing on an oaken leaf)
Her confidence like a Mozart.

May lightening clap it's hands in time
With percussion's thunderous throng?
Can Niagara hush the magnificent
Choir of it's tiny droplets' song?
Will the hawk that cries his loud refrain
Bid me to sing along?
Can the ribbon of the sunset's thread
Carry a harmonic strain?

Or the distant star's falling spray
Carry me in it's train?
Could all this loosen my dull tongue
Which is quite mute and dumb?
Could melodic fingers reach down my throat
And draw from it a hum?
And then by adding gracious words,
A litany would find
My voice to say "I thank you so!"

And with that I would bind
A hug into the the thankfulness.
And I'd be sure to find you understand how much I see
That you are very kind!  You are indeed so kind!

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