Saturday, June 18, 2011


The tune for this hymn is St. Gertrude
with refrain
by Sir Arthurs Sullivan
It is commonly known as
The Son of God goes forth to war

The cherubim and seraphim sing of a holy birth
In tongue no mortal man in sin can e'er discern it's worth
The shepherds raise their jubilee
All wise men upon earth
Shout praise to One who knew no sin
They sing the Savior's birth

Cruel Pontius Pilate raised a cry
Sentencing our Christ to the cross
The voice of those disloyal now
Count Him as so much dross
They trade their souls and shun birthrights
Despise the law through blind short sight
May mercy bless the faithful ones
Who ne'er forget God's might

Immanuel won the victory so have the Scriptures told
To all mankind in common tongue
A truth that we behold
We sing of sin conquered at the grave
And raise our voices bold
Shout praise to Christ who knows no sin
Yes praise His name tenfold

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