Thursday, August 23, 2012

The soul that enters Heaven surges with fresh love.
We give our best love to everyone who's there.
The enthusiasim we have in that place
is so overwhelming, but not too much to bear,
for we are mature enough to hold it.
The spiritual and physical haze through which we view one another here
will be absolved into the cross of Christ. Like seeing clearly
with new lenses, we will see Heaven. Our eyes will see with understanding
into the hearts and lives of others. We cannot see sin. Our hearts throb
with joyful longing for the salvation of many. We ache with holy expectation for
the fulfillment of all that is pure and pleasing to Christ. When God's heart
swells, ours does too. We can never want anything that is apart from what
He wants. Heaven is all about the true love that we only know slightly
because we live in a haze without corrective lenses.

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