Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Isiah 55:1-7 in rhyme

This water is for the thirsty soul
Come those without mercy
I'll charge no toll

Come drink this milk
Consume the wine
Yes, eat and linger
Take your time

Why buy what only
Is empty and bland?
And toil for what
Leaves your mouth full of sand?

Let your spirit delight
In rich bounty
So your soul may live
You must listen to me!

My faithful covenant
Has loved David
A witness, commander, a
Leader he is

You will call to nations
You do not know
Hurriedly they'll come
You'll keep them in tow.

The Lord your God will
Do all this
The radiance He'll given you
Is so stupendous

Cry and look for  God alone
Those sinful and wayward
Change your tone

The Lord our God
Will give thee mercy
From every sin
He'll pardon thee.

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