Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Darling Sin

A wet nurse I am to this little guy.
He's the pride of my life, the apple of my eye.
Coddled and cared for
Wrapped up in love,
I sweetly caress my little dove.

I kiss and I swoon
And regretfully admit
That all too soon,
He'll grow from an infant
To one great and tall.

He'll out grow my arms
No longer my doll
And at once be so grown
That I'll be alarmed
To find myself carried on
His massive arm.

And now I'm his servant,
I can't get away
I find I'm entranced
By his mighty sway.

How did the toddler so
Harmless and cute, become
One forbidding - even a brute?
I didn't even notice the
Changing take place,
Nor tell-tale signs, saw I a trace.

So chained to his ankle,
The shackles will tell
All who behold what a type of hell
Can befall those who nurse little sins.

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