Tuesday, May 17, 2011


(This writing is depicting the state of Israel when God had turned His face from them toward their enemies.  Also, it could represent the Egyptians when they experienced the plague of darkness that could be felt.)

The eyes that once were creased with joy
Now sag with drops of gloom

Our harps are buried in the sand
On orphan's ribs we play our rue

When children's flesh cannot be had
We rake the starving ground for crumbs

A raging tempest strips the wind
From vulnerable lungs

The decaying soot of a terror-filled night
Paints our lids blind

The stellar lights give no hope
They've seen our distress and have fled

The sun eclipses and despairs
She prays for her own death

All blind mankind deceives his neighbor
Each is robbed of vitality's breath

Ominous forms loom and gape
They taunt us and they leer

Gross phantoms have become our nightly guardians
Gargoyles crouching black and drear

We gnaw our teeth as they fall
Like so many seeds from a decaying rind

Should not at least the light of dawn
Forecast the sands of time?

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