Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Risen Lord, Mighty King, stupendous
Creator of everything!
All nations fall before Thy throne.
Praise from the earth is Thine alone.

Sing songs aloud, His praise proclaim,
Incessant shout to His great name.
Amen say ye with one accord!
Our YAHWEH reigns with His drawn sword.

A Mighty Stead, the tempest whirl,
Can you break the tide or bend a curl
Of the wild beast's horn?
The mighty storm

Once  threatening
Slipped far beyond horizon's ledge
But now up close it's tottering
Upon the brink of eternity's edge.

The force of gravity might pull
My countenance from one  that's dull
To one of plain serenity that ebbs to joy
For all to see the death of sin's alloy.

Who doth perform such mighty deeds?
The Lord our God who rakes the seeds
Of Satan's gloom.  Dispelling threat
His jaw is set with eternal judgement
And with doom!

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