Wednesday, April 27, 2011


My Beloved is a mighty stead, a king of war
His feet are strong for battle - swift!

His outstretched arm stays all the hosts of wicked might.

The calves of His speech prove mighty indeed.
Sing praise unto Him whose silence tells all.

His thumb print is etched in your face.

Only His back could be seen by one pure yet human.
Mercy, mercy, mercy.

Fearful is He, yet gorgeous His might.

He doth bestow dreams to the lonely-
Fair dreams and satisfying, noble, and sweet.

The riddle is solved through steady sleep.

The lashes of twilight bat you awake
like butterfly wings on your lids.

The Plaides is beautiful; constellations still more.

The Mighty Stead will blind you.
You must make love to Him.

His way is artful, sobering, tearful, fearful.

While a Shepherd gently caresses a lamb,
a distant blue jay calls to his mother.

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